Genesis Mining X11

Genesis Mining X11

Invest in Genesis Mining X11 

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Genesis Mining X11

Genesis Mining offers Dash cloud mining with X11 contracts. The Dash coin has increased in popularity and the price has spiked in 2016. Peercoin, Startcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Namecoin are also possible to mine with the X11 contracts. Genesis Mining have worked hard to reduce the X11 prices and they have really been successful with current prices:

Gold: 2 MH/s for 19 USD.

Platinum: 50 MH/s for 340 USD.

Diamond: 200 MH/s for 1,600 USD.

Genesis Mining X11 review

Genesis Mining often run out of X11 contracts. We will explain why they are so popular in this review. X11 algorithm uses eleven hashing functions which make it very secure.  The algorithm gives very fast hashes for both GPU´s and CPU´s. By doing this, it decentralizes hashing power by making it easy to mine through affordable hardware.

Genesis X11 profitability

Genesis Mining X11 contracts are among the most profitable on the market right now (2016-09-04). The expected break-even period is about 500 days and the contracts run for 2 years.

X11 promo code

As always, we have a promo code for X11 Genesis Mining contracts. Use ”X2l6Uc” for 3 % discount at the checkout. Please mail us if you have any further questions about the promo code or any other discounts.

Genesis Mining X11 vs SHA 256

Genesis Mining X11 contracts are for the moment more profitable than SHA 256 (2016-09-04). The X11 contracts run for 2 years while the SHA 256 are lifetime contracts (as long as profitable).

Genesis Mining X11 vs Ether

Genesis Mining x11 contracts are for the moment a better investment than Ether cloud mining contracts (2016-09-04). The X11 contracts run for 2 years while the Ethereum contracts run for 1 year. When Ether switching mining algorithm the mining contracts go Ether to X11 contracts for the remaining time.