Genesis Mining Cryptonight

Genesis Mining Cryptonight cloud mining

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Cryptonight Cloud Mining

Genesis Mining offers 24 months Cryptonight cloud mining contracts. The contracts do not have any maintenance fees. Cryptonight is an algorithm used for Monero cryptocurrency.

Cryptonight Cloud Mining ROI

Genesis Mining Cryptonight cloud mining contracts ROI is published as days until the contract break-even. The last calculation we did was at 2017-10-01. The break-even time was at this point 496 days which is good since the contracts run for 730 days.

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Cryptonight Promo Code

Genesis Mining Cryptonight promo code is available for all contracts. With the promo code "allcloud" you will get 3% off from all contracts at Genesis Mining. The promo code is available at all times. The promo code can be reused unlimited times.

Cryptonight Algorithm

CryptoNight algorithm is proof-of-work. It was designed for ordinary PC CPUs, but currently, no special purpose devices for mining are available. Therefore, CryptoNight can only be CPU-mined for the time being. Another cryptocurrency that is based on the Cryptonight algorithm is DigitalNote.